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Head & Neck Ultrasound Course

This course aims to teach head and neck ultrasound and ultrasound-guided interventions to ENT/head and neck surgeons, endocrinologists, radiologists, and other related healthcare providers. The course is both for experienced practitioners and trainees who are interested in incorporating ultrasound into their clinical practice.

An international multispeciality faculty will teach, and half of the time is planned for hands-on training on volunteer patients with a teacher-to-participant ratio of 1:3. Further, ultrasound-guided interventions (including biopsies and minimally invasive treatments) will be practiced on special made fantoms and fresh-frozen cadavers at the Panum Institute, Faculty of Health Science, Copenhagen University. The course is held from the 10-11th June and The European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) has endorsed the course. The course is following the COVID-19 safety recommendation from the Danish Health Authority's and participants' fees will be refunded if the course unexpectedly will be canceled due to change in the pandemic.

We hope to see you in wonderfull Copenhagen in June 2021!                     

Course director

Tobias  Todsen, MD, PhD                 Senior registrar, Asst. Prof.

The Dept. of ORL and H&N Surgery and

Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation

Course director

Christian von Buchwald, MD, DMSc Consultant, Professor

The Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Rigshospitalet


Thursday 10th June

08.30-09.00                Registration

09.00-09.30                Ultrasound physics and image artifacts

09.30-10.00                Anatomy and systematic                                                                  head and neck ultrasound

10.00-10.30                Coffee break

10.30-11.00                Thyroid

11:00-11:20                Parathyroid

11:20-11.50                Lymph nodes

11.50-12.30                LUNCH

12.30-13.00                Salivary glands

13.00-13.20                Larynx and base of the tongue 

13.20-13.40                Neck ultrasound

14.00-18.00                HANDS-ON SESSION

                                   (including coffee break) 

19.00                          COURSE DINNER 



                                   Guldbergsgade 29

                                   2200 Copenhagen N


Friday 11th June

09.00-09.30                Ultrasound guided FNA /core neede biopsy

09.30-10.00                Ultrasound-guided radiofrequency ablation                                      of thyroid nodules / ethanol ablation

10.00-10.20                US for airway management 

10.20-11.00                Coffee break


11.00-11.20                Doppler and vascular ultrasound

11.20-11.35                Pediatric US and Vascular Malformations 

11.35-11.50                Pre- and perioperative ultrasound

11.50-12.10                Elastography

12.10-12.30                Contrast-enhanced ultrasound

12.30-13.00                LUNCH

13.00-17.00                HANDS-ON SESSION 

                                   (including coffee break) 

17.00-17.15                Course evaluation and goodbye 

NB: Please have in mind that this is a preliminary program

which may be changed





Blegdamsvej 9, 2100 Copenhagen East, Denmark


Price: 400 euro

Including two days hands-on course with coffee, lunch and course dinner Friday

Please write to 
 if you have any questions regarding the course.

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